The Vader is our premier series CNC submerged arc welding machine designed for versatility and longevity. Its modular structure is highly customizable to accomodate a variety of welding applications and provides ultimate expandability. It supports 3-axis motion with traverse speeds up to 1,000 IPM and a lifter stroke up to 30". Our robust rail system and mechanical components are built for reliability and require minimal maintenance for prolonged stability. Combined with the Lincoln Electric Idealarc Multi-Process Welder and Hypertherm EDGE Connect CNC, the Vader is an exceptional system for automated welding solutions.

Vader Welding Machine Vader Welding Machine





    Lance Welding

  • Supports 3-axis motion
  • Supports dual stations
  • Supports up to 20ft long lance
  • Supports up to 30in lifter stroke

    Modular Design

  • Gantry supports 2 separate welding systems
  • Rails may be easily extended in 2ft increments
  • Operator console and cable track may be swapped to left or right side of guide rails as desired

    Precision Guide Rails

  • Machined guide rails made of hardened steel
  • Brass scrapers and air blasts keep rails free from debris
  • Drive rack mounts directly to machined rails for perfect alignment

    Armored Protection

  • Fully enclosed cable carriers
  • Powder coated metal and trivalent chrome plated rack
  • Shielded gantry covers protect linear guide rails and mechanical components from sparks and debris
Idealarc Welder
EDGE Connect CNC

    Idealarc Welder

  • Rugged construction and flat-top case with a small footprint
  • Full range output voltage control for easy and precise operation
  • 115V, 15 amps, duplex auxiliary power receptacle makes it easy to power lights, grinders and other shop tools at your work station

    EDGE Connect CNC

  • Quick and easy to learn with minimal training
  • Hypertherm technologies provide fast and accurate motion
  • Provides repeatable and consistent results with full suite control by Hypertherm


Machine Dimensions 4 ft 5 ft 6 ft 8 ft 10 ft 12 ft
Nominal Travel Width 54" 66" 78" 102" 126" 150"
Nominal Travel Length 96" minimum (expandable in 24" increments)
Overall Width 130" 142" 154" 178" 202" 226"
Overall Length [Nominal Travel Length] + 78"
Overall Height (E) 86"
Power Supply Width (H) 24"
Maximum Traverse Speed 500 IPM
Maximum Number of Stations 2
Power Requirements 480V 75A 3-Phase/240V 150A 3-Phase

Custom sizes are available at request