The Veracity EtherCAT Drive System is our adaptive solution to upgrade your existing machine with all the features and power of a modern cutting system. The V-CAT Drive System provides a full-featured overhaul for motion and control automation of your machine. It is engineered to enhance speed, accuracy, and productivity by utilizing the latest advances in electronics, mechanical components, and communication technology. At only one-third the cost of a new machine, this package delivers an affordable alternative with advanced capabilities to increase production rate and fabrication quality.

V-CAT Drive System V-CAT Drive System




Gantry Mounted Console

Gantry Mounted Console
V-CAT Drive Cabinet

The Gantry Mounted Console is designed for machines with a mobile operator console. It supports up to 5 drives and 12 stations and its compact size fits almost any machine.

    V-CAT Operator Console

  • Lifter control buttons support up to 12 stations
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports for additional peripherals
  • Drive power enable and emergency stop button
  • Hypertherm EDGE Connect TC CNC includes fully-integrated control software that is quick and easy to learn with minimal training
  • Hypertherm TrueHole and Rapid Part technologies provide fast and accurate cut quality

    V-CAT Drive Cabinet

  • Beckhoff EtherCAT protocol delivers fast, flexible, and precise ethernet communication for industrial automation control
  • Plug and play design makes it easily expandable and simple to install
  • Supports up to 5 drives with 2 plasma stations and 12 oxy-fuel stations

    V-CAT Motion Package

  • Full-featured torch height control integrated with the Hypertherm EDGE Connect TC CNC
  • Automated Initial Height Sense and automatic arc voltage sampling with position control
  • Optional customized motor brackets available to accommodate almost any machine
  • Optional straight or helical rack and pinions available at request
  • Powerful Rexroth IndraDyn S Servomotors with absolute encoders
  • High precision, low backlash gearboxes
  • Magnetic breakaway torch holder
V-CAT Motion Package

Custom Remote Console

Custom Remote Console
Custom Remote Console

The Custom Remote Console is designed for machines with a floor mounted operator console. It is engineered to be modular with workstation preferences in mind and supports up to 10 drives and 12 stations. Custom configurations are available at request.

Additional Storage and Utility
Increased Space and Accessibility

    Additional Storage & Utility

  • Adjustable storage shelves for tools and consumables
  • Powder coated surfaces and galvanized steel shelving
  • Front door may be securely locked with keyed cam latch handle

    Increased Space & Accessibility

  • Door hinges may be mounted on either side of console for preferred accessiblity
  • Ample mounting space provides room for additional components and future upgrades


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Operator Console Gantry Mounted Console Custom Remote Console
Length (A) 8.75" 26.25"
Width (B) 22" 25"
Height (C) 24.25" 66.25"
Maximum Number of Stations 12
Maximum Number of Plasma Stations 4
Maximum Number of Oxyfuel Stations 12
Power Requirements 240V 30A Single or 3-Phase
V-CAT Drive System Dimensions