The PCS BHB is the ultimate profile cutting machine. No other machine on the market offers a solution with as much emphasis on brute force, rigidity and capability. With options ranging from high speed drilling, tapping, boring, countersinking, beveling, gas and plasma cutting, pipe cutting, ink jet printing, pin marking, or any combination, all with precision motion control.

BHB Plate Processing Machine BHB Plate Processing Machine




    Machine Design

    The machine carriage is an all welded construction with a wholly fabricated beam that utilizes several design characteristics used within the aerospace industry. Supporting the fabricated beam are ultra solid modular side supports. The drilling process is driven by a 60HP Digital AC Servo motor. Connected to the motor is a BT50 or Cat50 spindle that can handle up to 1395 FT/LB (1890NM) of torque. The drill assembly is supported on linear rails with the vertical motion also driven by a Digital AC Servo Motor. To ensure that the steel plate remains stationery the BHB utilizes a fabricated clamping mechanism which is controlled by an additional Digital AC Servo motor capable of producing up to 3.3 Ton (3.0 tonnes) of force. To reduce machine downtime the BHB utilizes as standard a 24 Pot Automatic Tool Changer which has a tool change time of 2.5 seconds.

    To ensure ultra smooth operation the side supports run on extrareinforced fabricated rails with a machined billet running surface and vertically adjustable base plates which are adjusted on site to provide a ridged and finely tweaked level running surface. With extra powerful state of the art Digital AC dual drive system and integrated active rail cleaning system, the PCS BHB will perform to the strictest of tolerances for decades to come in a highly demanding industrial environment. As several clients have already confirmed, if you are looking to drastically reduce the lead time on projects that require high speed drilling, cutting and plate edge preparation then the BHB will provide results that cannot be matched. Furthermore one client has stated that, "the PCS BHB has drastically reduced job completion times, from 8 hours to only 2 hours."

    Key Features

  • 60HP, BT-50, 5000rpm main spindle
  • 24 tool automatic tool changer (tool change time ~2.5sec)
  • Multiple machining operations – drilling, tapping, milling, counterboring, countersinking, marking
  • Drilling capacity – 115mm, tapping capacity 38mm
  • Multiple cutting operations – plasma, plasma bevel, oxyfuel, oxyfuel bevel
  • Through tool coolant. Flood coolant, minimum quantity lubricant (MQL) or both
  • Burny 10 PC based CNC on custom flat panel touch screen (up to 21.5")
  • Manufactured from non-proprietary components
  • State-of-the-art motion control system – Bosch Rexroth digital drives and motors with absolute encoders
  • Dual ballscrew for servo driven feed and clamp with absolute encoders
  • Up to 3 tons of clamping downforce
  • 20m/min traverse speed (limited)
  • Heavy duty floor mounted rail system made of machine hardened billet
  • Automatic rail cleaning/polishing system. Cleans and polishes running surface as machine traverses


  • Customized cutting width
  • Unlimited length
  • On-Board Swarf extraction system
  • Multiple gantries on common rail
  • Plasma cutting
  • PCS Zero Offset Plasma Bevel
  • Independent torch station select
  • Stud welding
  • Steel Grate plasma cutting
  • Rotary pipe cutting axis
  • Flame (Oxyfuel) bevel
  • Up to 10 flame (Oxyfuel) torches
  • Extra hi-flow gas manifold
  • Auto igniters
  • Plate cooling rings
  • Through tool MQL with high pressure air blast
  • Through tool flood coolant
  • PCS designed & manufactured wet or dry cutting tables

  • Paint marking
  • Pin marking
  • Powder marking
  • PCS TurboGas - Automatic gas control for flame (Oxyfuel) cutting
  • PCS IntuitiveGas - Automatic height control for flame (Oxyfuel) cutting
  • On Table plate stock database
  • Job reporting interface for managers
  • Advanced maintenance logger
  • Travelling dross bin
  • Digitally zoned fume extraction
  • Automatic plate alignment
  • Automatic plate feed
  • Extra safety devices
  • Operators chair
  • Operator safety shield
  • Wireless pendant

    Optional Heads

  • Hypertherm HPRXD Plasma
  • Kaliburn Spirit II Plasma
  • PCS Zero-Offset Plasma Bevel Head
  • Oxyfuel cutting head
  • PCS Triple Burner Oxyfuel Head
  • Paint Jet Marking
  • Pin Marking

    Machine Mass

    Large mass is crucial for high speed drilling. Plate profile machines such as the BHB are dynamic and process plate on a hollow cutting/drilling bed. This leads to what can be severe vibrations when drilling/machining. Therefore, the machine needs as much mass behind it in to ensure that the kinetic energy is transferred only to the right places. Fewer vibrations means faster drilling and better tool life!

Burny 10 Control

    Solid Cutting/Drilling Table

    The cutting/drilling table is as important as the machine on top of it. Our cutting/drilling tables are built just as tough as the BHB machine. They have several supports connecting the steel plate directly to the concrete floor. This is to minimize vibrations that are common with high speed drilling on profile machines.

    Ease of Operation

    Our state-of-the-art drilling HMI integrates seamlessly with the tried and trusted Burny 10 CNC. With pre-loaded drilling libraries, the operator doesn't require an in depth knowledge of drilling speeds and feeds. The HMI was designed to be extremely user friendly and as such can be mastered in literally seconds.


    High productivity is a crucial factor when investing in capital equipment such as profile cutting machines. The BHB achieves the highest productivity in its class thanks to its mass and a solid cutting/drilling table. The fastest drilling times and longest tool life are the key factors in achieving such high productivity.

    Coolant System

    We offer a dual minimum quantity lubricant and flood coolant system, unique only to BHB series cutting and drilling machines. Either coolant method (MQL or flood) can be selected for each individual tool in the on-board tool library. All BHB series machines using a UNIST MQL system utilise a specially made Dueblin rotary coupling to deliver the minimum quantity lubricant (MQL). Because the atomization point is as close to the cutting surface as possible, machines utilising this technology are able to achieve the best possible results with MQL. This equates to class leading drilling performance and tool life which is currently unmatched by any other machine on the market.


Machine Dimensions
Effective Cutting Width Up to 27 ft
Effective Cutting Length Unlimited
Overall Machine Height 10 ft
Machine Travel
Traverse Speed 800 ipm (20m/min) - Safety Limited
Profiling Speed Up to 800 ipm (20m/min)
Max Acceleration 3'/s/s (0.9 m/s/s)
Machine Accuracy on Axis 0.006"/3' (0.15mm/m)
Machine Repeatability on Axis 0.004" (0.1mm)
Rack - Longitudinal Axis Helical Mod 3.0 Precision ground
Rack has an accuracy of 0.0045"/3' (0.1mm/m)
Material: S45C (C45) Steel
Rail - Longitudinal Axis 2 2/5" (60mm) machined hardened billet
Rail/Rack - Transverse Axis 1 2/5" (35mm) Rexroth precision
ground linear roller rail and helical rack
Rail - Drill Assembly 1 2/5" (35mm) Rexroth Linear Roller Rail
Pinions - Longitudinal Axis Helical Mod 3.0. Custom Precision ground
Material: S45C (C45) Stee
Pinions - Transverse Axis Helical Mod 3.0. Rexroth Precision ground
Pinion Thrust Bearings As standard
Cable Carrier Enclosed cable carrier standard
Floor mounted
Bearings Linear Roller bearings on transverse axis
and drill assembly. High quality, readily
available bearings used throughout.
Integrated Active Rail Cleaning System As standard
Drive Amplifiers & Controller
Controller Burny 10 LCD Plus with Custom PCS Apps
24" Glass touch screen, Windows 8 embedded,
4GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD, SERCOS, remote
diagnostics network ready
Longitudinal & Transverse Independent 3-Axis (X, XX & Y) AC digital
Rexroth IndraDrive amplifiers. SERCOS comms
Main Spindle 75HP (56kW) Digital Rexroth IndraDrive
Plate Clamp AC Digital Rexroth IndraDrive amplifiers
Longitudinal Axis 32FT/LB (43.5Nm) max torque Bosch Rexroth
AC servo motor
Transverse Axis 32FT/LB max torque Rexroth AC servo motor
Main Spindle 60HP Bosch Rexroth AC servo motor
Spindle Lifter 53FT/LB (70Nm) max torque Rexroth AC servo
Plate Clamp 53FT/LB (70Nm) max torque Rexroth AC servo
Bevel Axis
2x 1.2HP (0.90kW) AC, 1.3FT/LB (1.8Nm)
max torque Rexroth servo motor
1x 2.5HP (1.86kW) AC, 6.0FT/LB (8.1Nm)
max torqueRexroth servo motor
Longitudinal Axis Extra Heavy Duty Planetary Gearboxes <7 arcmin
Transverse Axis Planetary 16:1 Backlash <7 arcmin
Main Spindle Belt Reduction
Spindle Lifter Ballscrew, Belt Reduction
Plate Clamp Ballscrew, Belt Reduction
Bevel Axis
Planetary grease packed
1x 50:1 <9 arcmin
1x 5:1 <6 arcmin
Standard Drilling Operation
Spindle Custom PCS 8" (200mm) diameter
Max Spindle Load 1395 ft/lb (1890 Nm)
Max Clamping Thrust 3.3 Ton
Max RPM at Spindle 5000 RPM
Max Drilled Hole Diameter 4 1/3" (110mm)
Max Tool Diameter in Tool Changer 4 1/3" (110mm),
5" (130mm) with adjacent pockets empty
Max Stroke 25 1/2" (650mm)
Clearance Under Main Beam 19 1/2" (500mm)
Material Thickness Up to 12" (300mm)
Coolant System Through Tool Minimum Quantity Lubricant
with High Pressure Air Blast - As Standard
Through tool flood coolant - Optional
Spindle Taper BT50 or CAT50
Automatic Tool Changer DETA 24 tool ATC – 2.5 sec tool change
Drilling Time - 2" Hole, 4" Plate ~ 26 seconds
Recommended Plasma Cutting Operation
Power Source Kaliburn Spirit II Plasma System(s)
Output Current 100 - 400 amp
Plasma Torch Lifter System INOVA Torch Height Control System
Cutting Capacity .036" - 2" (1 - 50 mm) - Max capacity 3" (75mm)
Standard Flame (Oxyfuel) Cutting Operation
Number of Torches Up to 10
Cutting Capacity Up to 12" (300mm)
Hi-speed Pre-heat As standard
Fast Pierce with Auto Retract As standard
Flame (Oxyfuel) Torch Lifter System Soft PLC controlled as standard
Standard Safety Features
Machine Protection Heat shields standard
E-Stop Independent Emergency-Stop Circuit
End Limits Software controlled with redundant
mechanical limit switches