The Vanguard is our premier series CNC plasma cutting machine designed for speed, reliability, and longevity. Specially engineered with a low center of mass, the Vanguard achieves exceptional traverse speeds up to 3,000 IPM. Our robust rail system and mechanical components are built for maximum tolerance and require minimal maintenance for prolonged stability. Combined with the Hypertherm XPR plasma cutting system and EDGE Connect TC CNC, the Vanguard is a leading competitor in production output and superior cut quality.

Vanguard Plasma Cutting Machine Vanguard Plasma Cutting Machine





    Modular Design

  • Supports up to 4 plasma stations or 12 oxyfuel stations
  • Rails may be easily extended in 2ft increments
  • Operator console and cable track may be swapped to left or right side of guide rails as desired
Modular Design
High Speed Guide Rails

    High Speed Guide Rails

  • Machined guide rails made of hardened steel
  • Brass scrapers and air blasts keep rails free from debris
  • Drive rack mounts directly to machined rails for perfect alignment

    Armored Protection

  • Fully enclosed cable carriers
  • Powder coated metal and trivalent chrome plated rack
  • Shielded gantry covers protect linear guide rails and mechanical components from sparks and debris
Armored Protection
Gliding End Truck

    Gliding End Truck

  • Allows greater tolerance in rail alignment
  • Provides relief to prevent machine binding
  • Maintains steady and prolonged operation

    Phoenix & ProNest Software

  • Quick and easy to learn with minimal training
  • Hypertherm TrueHole and Rapid Part technologies provide fast and accurate cut quality
  • Provides repeatable and consistent results with full suite control by Hypertherm
Phoenix and ProNest CAD/CAM Software
Additional Options

    Additional Options

  • 45° full contour bevel head torch with magnetic breakaway
  • Oxyfuel support for thick plate cutting
  • Laser curtain protection
  • Safety cable pull switches


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Machine Dimensions 6 ft 8 ft 10 ft 12 ft 14 ft 16 ft
Nominal Cut Width (A) 78" 102" 126" 150" 174" 198"
Nominal Cut Length (B) 96" minimum (expandable in 24" increments)
Overall Width (C) 154" 178" 202" 226" 250" 274"
Overall Length (D) [Nominal Cut Length] + 78"
Overall Height (E) 72"
Maximum Table Width (F) 82" 106" 130" 154" 178" 202"
Recommended Table Height (G) 26" - 30"
Power Supply Width (H) 32"
Max Traverse Speed 3,000 IPM
Max Number of Stations 4 6 8 10 12 12
Max Number of Plasma Stations 2 2 2 4 4 4
Max Number of Oxyfuel Stations 4 6 8 10 12 12
Power Requirements 240V 30A Single or 3-Phase

Custom sizes are available at request

Vanguard Machine Dimensions